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 La French Touch

I accompany you to discover the best version of yourself

Aroma Ninja

Are you looking for general well-being, physical and psychological balance? 

You're in the right place !

Prioritize your well-being with our coaching sessions dedicated to physical and psychological balance. We offer you a personalized journey to revitalize your daily life. We will guide you with kindness towards total harmony, strengthening your physical vitality and soothing your mind. Choose an investment in your overall well-being now and experience a lasting transformation.

Passionate about martial arts and alternative medicine, I chose to combine the two!

At the service of your well-being, I have combined my two passions, martial arts and natural medicines, to guide you towards a healthier life.

My approach draws strength from martial arts to fortify the body, while the principles of natural medicines nurture your inner well-being.

Together, we will journey towards physical and mental balance, creating lasting harmony.

Choose an enriching life by exploring the unique blend of martial wisdom and gentle methods in my coaching services.

Aroma Ninja
Body harmony
Aroma Ninja
Natural health
Aroma Ninja
Customized listening
Aroma Ninja
Psychological balance


Aromatherapy international


Mycotherapy international

Sports coach

Sports coach international

Foot reflexology


Why this program?

Did you know that 75% of diseases are related to stress?

It's one of the triggers of a poor lifestyle:


"I'm stressed, that's why I smoke.  I'm stressed, I need sugar. I drink a little more in the evening, it relaxes me.

I can't do sports, I sleep badly and I feel tired".


It is at these times that you are not at 100% of your capacity and that you lack the will to restore your natural balance.  



Come and try my method!

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