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Aroma Ninja

Who am I ?

My name is Aurore. 

I am a reflexologist, aromatherapy and mycotherapy advisor, and sports trainer.

I am passionate about martial arts and alternative medicine. 

Find a natural balance ...

The two come together: never stop developing, "being in the world" and having a good understanding of nature. The world of martial arts and alternative medicine also have in common the knowledge of the human body and how to take care of it and  develop their capacities.

I started Thai boxing a long time ago in the Philippines intensively.  

I started quite late, like what, anything is possible!  

I was able to experience the excesses of training, the dos and don'ts… I continued my training in Ukraine, in a club that mixed Thai boxing and kung fu. The training there was much more technical, thoughtful and unsettling.  

My teacher gave me the opportunity to become a coach at this club. I was in charge of several groups: men, women, mixed and children.

Sports coach international

... The keys to a healthy body and mind

During several years I learned to teach, (which is a full-fledged training).

Now that I have left Ukraine, I practice kung fu and pole dance as a student. I believe that you should never stop learning, and that there is no age to do what you never thought you could do.


My other side is alternative medicine. I am a reflexologist (and I never thought I could massage feet before), an aromatherapy and mycotherapy advisor.

Plants  and mushrooms (less known) are the basis of our medicines. 

A single essential oil can contain over 300 chemical compounds. Using essential oils and medicinal mushrooms requires readjustments in our daily life: our diet, our activities and especially the way we listen to our body: we do not use oils and mushrooms as we do not use traditional medicines. 

What is exceptional is the interactions between essential oils, or fungi, and people. Each interaction is unique!

In these areas, we never stop learning and discovering.

This is where La French Touch project and method were born. There is no age, no excuse to have the life you imagine.

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