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Aromatherapy international

Aromatherapy is healing yourself with essential oils and plants.


Stress, fatigue, skin problems, stiffness, many everyday ailments find an answer in essential oils. 

What is aromatherapy?

Or the art of healing with plants ...

Discover the benefits of essential oils

An essential oil contains a very high concentration of aromatic biochemical molecules extracted from plants.  

True plant concentrates, essential oils are naturally composed of 50 to 300 active ingredients: they  are anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory, anti-pain and can tone or soothe the nervous system, the digestive system, the muscular system, the hormonal system.


They harmonize body and mind thanks to their complex composition.  

They can be used directly on the skin, in tablets or in the form of inhalations.

They strengthen the body against external attacks.


Aromatherapy is very useful for adults and children, for example to prevent and alleviate the small ailments of winter such as colds, coughs, which avoids taking medication too regularly.

Some synergies ...

I do not offer you a consultation with the doctor. Only he can diagnose and prescribe. I work in good harmony with the medical profession and I believe that traditional medicine and alternative medicine are complementary.  

Essential oils and medicinal mushrooms are not used in the same way as traditional medicines. They are used in prevention, before your body expresses itself with various ailments.

Warning: do not replace medical treatment with the exclusive use of essential oils and medicinal mushrooms. 
Aromatherapy and mycotherapy are alternative treatments, and complementary to traditional medicine. The practitioner (me) is not a doctor and cannot under any circumstances make a diagnosis.
Essential oils and medicinal mushrooms are active components. They therefore have an impact on your body and mind and they are
  to be used with great care.

Ароматерапия в Париже

Many people forget the basics ...

 "Your priority is you!"


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