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Mycotherapy international

Much less well known than aromatherapy or herbal medicine, but just as effective, mycotherapy is the use of certain mushrooms for medicinal purposes.

What is mycotherapy?

Rediscover medicinal mushrooms

Discover the benefits of medicinal mushrooms

Mycotherapy is widespread in Asia and Eastern Europe. In Russia, for example, there are pharmacies exclusively reserved for mycotherapy.  


The fungus is a fabulous organism that deserves to be known, it contains more than 150 bioactive elements in their structure. Their consumption provides us with vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, minerals (such as selenium and zinc), fibers, phenols, enzymes, prebiotics, natural antibiotics, but also sugar chains (the glucans).


  Whether for stress management, for its action on the digestive, hormonal, glandular, urinary system, but also on the skin, the immune system, osteoarticular, circulatory, respiratory or lymphatic, medicinal mushrooms are a real boon for our health !

Микотерапия в Париже

Many people forget the basics ...

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